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MotivateMotivation - What to use?


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Learn how to motivate your patients.

Speaker Information

 Vanessa Borken

Vanessa Borken

Vanessa is a dedicated dental hygienist and enthusiastic GBT trainer. She works in a private Slow Dentistry dental practice in Cologne. There, her main task is patient care around oral hygiene and Guided Biofilm Therapy. Her focus is specifically on the correlation between oral health and systemic health. For Vanessa, a healthy oral flora is part of a healthy system and she is happy to advise her patients on this to the full extent. In her opinion, Guided Biofilm Therapy is the best dental cleaning to maintain a healthy oral flora. Her statement is that good periodontology means giving the dental hygienists enough time. She is also very much into this in the trainings. Prevention is better than cure! Vanessa is also a yoga teacher and is currently studying Ayurvedic medicine.