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Learn why GBT can take your practice to the next level.

Speaker Information

Dr. Celso Da Costa

Dr. Celso Da Costa

Celso Da Costa completed his Dental Hygienist diploma at age 20 years from FMDUL, Lisbon, Portugal.
After one year of private practice in Lisbon and after working as an assistant professor at FMDUL in 2010, he then started working in Switzerland in the year 2011.
He was the Prophylaxis Manager of the group Adent Dental Clinics in Switzerland from  2017 until 2020 and started a career in dental management obtaining his diploma in Management and Human Ressources.
He now works as Head of the Swiss Dental Academy and co-leader of the GBT Task Force in EMS.
He was cited by the Portuguese and Swiss press for prophylaxis treatments and dental economics.