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Airflow® Max, Perioflow®AIR-FLOWING® - Is it a new terminology?


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Learn everything about the terminology "AIR-FLOWING".

Speaker Information

Dr. Neha Dixit

Dr. Neha Dixit

Dr. Neha Dixit has been Principal Trainer for the Swiss Dental Academy since October 2009.


She completed her Master of Dental Surgery (M.D.S.) in Periodontology from Government Dental College & Hospital, University of Mumbai, India.


She also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Healthcare Administration, India. In addition she has a CAS (certified advanced studies) in CARAQA from HEIG-VD, Switzerland.


Dr. Neha Dixit undertook specialized training in Non-Surgical Peridontology in Moscow, Russia through The Chicago Centre of Advanced Education.


She has been regularly giving lectures on Dental Hygiene, non surgical periodontal therapy & Periodontology at various International and global dental conferences and has conducted several continuing dental education programs across the world.


Her last academic position was that of Professor & Chair, Department of Periodontology: M.U.H.S. University, Central India (Nagpur).


From 2009-2013, she managed training programs for the Swiss Dental Academy and was actively involved in training periodontists, practicing general dentists and dental hygienists in new techniques and concepts in periodontal therapy.


In late 2013, Dr Neha Dixit joined EMS as Scientific & Clinical Affairs and is leading its professional education initiatives and clinical research collaboration.


From the start of 2020, she has taken on the responsibility of Senior Lead, Scientific & Clinical Affairs at Electro Medical Systems (E.M.S)


Today she is the Global Lead, clinical affairs & Medical education at Electro Medical Systems (E.M.S)


She is also member of the Scientific & Advisory board at E.M.S