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Find out how biofilm discloser can help you during your work.

Speaker Information

Dr. Hanan  Abdalla

Dr. Hanan Abdalla

Hanan Tahir has been in the Dental Industry for over 10 years choosing to specialize in Dental Hygiene. Hanan's primary interest is guided biofilm therapy and airflow technology. She has conducted numerous workshops and lectures on this particular topic in the UAE and abroad. Her degree was awarded from Riyadh College of Dentistry and Pharmacy in KSA in 2009. Post graduating, she opted to go to the UK to gain more knowledge and experience and remained there for two years prior to moving to the UAE.

She now is the President of the Emirates Dental Hygienists Club and is very active in bringing the Dental Hygiene community together. She strongly believes in new technologies and is at the forefront of applying that to her everyday practice. This made her stand out amongst her peers and led her to be chosen as the EMS Ambassador and Swiss Dental Academy trainer. She is also an iTop trainer (Individually trained oral prophylaxis).

Hanan enjoys sharing her knowledge and believes that every dental hygienist should always be equipped with the right tools and attitude in order to achieve optimal oral hygiene results with their patients.
Hanan's adventurous spirit is intertwined with her love for nature. She's a backpacker who constantly seeks destinations with mountains, water, and natural beauty. She likes hiking, zip line, and kayaking. In addition, she is a social media influencer in the dental field, using her platform to raise awareness and educate her audience about dental health.