Virtual GBT Summit - Swiss Dental Academy Online


The GBT Summit Virtual Edition will be a presential congress to promote dental prevention and prophylaxis as a global concept to be applied in all dental specialities. This congress will be organized in different countries to bring Guided Biofilm Therapy closer to you and share the new minimally invasive and systematic dental movement.

The GBT Summit Virtual Edition is “the premier meeting” for those interested in continuous education and networking opportunities within the dental continuous model care.

Already confirmed locations:

Amman, Jordan postponed until further notice

Munich, Germany 2nd April 2022

China postponed until further notice

London, United Kingdom 16th September 2022

Bologna, Italy 1st of October 2022

Marseille, France 7th October 2022

Sydney, Australia 21st & 22nd October 2022

Madrid, Spain 12th November 2022

Lisbon, Portugal 19th November 2022

Seoul, South Korea 20th November 2022

Tokyo, Japan 4th December 2022

Stay tuned for more information

On behalf of the Swiss Dental Academy, I have the great pleasure to invite you to attend this one of a kind event that will contribute to highlighting the importance of preventive and maintenance treatments. Each Summit we are preparing will be a unique experience for you to onboard onto a revolutionnary and global movement for better dentistry.
Celso Da Costa
Head of Swiss Dental Academy
Ever since we have developed the Guided Biofilm Therapy protocol, education has been at the core of this game changing movement. At EMS, our duty is to provide dental professionals with continuing education on more preventive and less invasive treatments in order to shape a better dentistry worldwide.
Dr. Ernst Wühr
General Manager EMS